43 things you don’t need

A list of useless things that provide no utility nor enjoyment. Please stop buying these things so that they stop manufacturing them.

She woke up

She asked her heart to forgive her for not listening to it all these years. Her heart forgave her. They promised to make decisions together from now on.

Promises to my child

Dear _______, In about 45 days, you’ll be born and I’ll be a father for the first time. Your mom seems to be super prepared but I’m not sure what to do. Our basement is full of the things we’ll need to take care of you. We had the cloth vs. disposal diapers discussion. We […]

No regrets

It’s time to cultivate the moxie to actually live a life of no regrets.

Probably my biggest mistake

I had the perfect job. Then I quit to go do something I thought would make me a lot of money. And that sucks big time.

How is your heart?

a great poem by Charles Bukowski


An attempt at free-verse poetry or lyrics.

If it’s the last thing you could do…

Do you start your day by knocking out the little stuff first? What would happen if you tried starting with the big stuff today?

An Incomplete List of the Things I’ve Done Wrong

This post is inspired by Julien Smith‘s post of the same title. 1. My parents gave me $2,000 for graduating high school. I could see how proud my mom was to be able to give this to me. Instead of saving it, I ordered a new exhaust system and rims for my car. I crashed […]

How to stop dropping the ball with your most important friendships

Life is all about people. And what we choose to do with those relationships.

Which is why I take a deliberate approach to making sure I maintain the important relationships in my life. I call it my Top 10 People list. It’s simply a list of the people that matter most to me. I review it every week and take immediate action.

Here’s what my Top 10 People list looks like.