28 things I’ve learned since turning 28


Happiness is a decision.

Saying no is often the more respectful thing to do.

There’s no reason to pretend you like something that you don’t.

I love my dog more than I do a lot of people and that’s okay.

I want to help women have equality in the workplace, but I’ve observed women sabotaging other women.

Wi-Fi on airplanes is worth the ten dollars.

Everyone has something to teach me.

Simple is better.

I like getting thank you cards. I know I’m bad at sending them.

15 minutes of sunlight every day makes me a happier person.

I need to go somewhere new every year.

I can change my mind about anything.

Interrupting someone is the quickest way to show them that you do not respect them.

Anger is almost never the right response.

It’s important to forgive myself for my mistakes as quickly as possible.

Following up can be a competitive advantage.

I’ve learned to ask for the things I want.

I need time alone every day.

I should never hire people that are just like me.

When in doubt, communicate more than you think you should.

I am an introvert.

It feels better to tell someone the truth than to tell them what I think they want to hear.

I should pay myself first.

Being generous makes me feel awesome.

It’s true: exercising does give me more energy.

It’s better for me to focus on improving my strengths then fixing my weaknesses.

I love cooking.

It’s really hard to be brutally honest with myself.


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