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Prioritizing inclusiveness at startup events

During Startup Weekend Nebraska, participants experienced incidents that were sexist and racist in nature. Addressing the situation has been a learning experience for me.

How I run a Startup Weekend

Everyone runs their Startup Weekend a little bit differently. Here’s what I do.

Mind Map of the Omaha-Lincoln Startup Community

If anything is missing, please make a comment on this blog post and I’ll add it. Or ask me for edit access.

To charge or not to charge? The psychology of free vs. paid events

I don’t believe in free events. In my experience, not charging for long-form events like hackathons can lead to disaster. Here’s why:

Things I would pay for if they existed

I want these things badly

28 things I’ve learned since turning 28

Things I learned as a 28-year-old.

What Startup Weekend organizers want (and don’t want) from sponsors

I helped Coca-Cola run a session at UP Summit to find new ways they can help local startup community event organizers. Here are the results.

How to quickly find out what problems entrepreneurs in your community are facing

Justin Wilcox and I gave UP Summit attendees a technique to quickly discover the biggest problems entrepreneurs in their communities are facing. Here’s the technique, and also the results of the experiment we ran during the session to find out what their biggest problems were as community builders.

46 things you don’t need

A list of useless things that provide no utility nor enjoyment. Please stop buying these things so that they stop manufacturing them.

She woke up

She asked her heart to forgive her for not listening to it all these years. Her heart forgave her. They promised to make decisions together from now on.

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