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16 New Rules for Email Etiquette

The way people use email has changed. It’s time to refresh the rules for proper email etiquette.

How to get designers to come to your hackathon

Designers have been turned off from hackathons and Startup Weekends. They feel used. The best hackathons have a healthy 30% showing of designers. As good design (both functional and visual) becomes increasingly important, the developers and marketing folks that go to hackathons and Startup Weekends don’t stand a chance without some design skills on their team. Long term, your event will fail too without designers.

Here’s how to get more designers to come to your hackathon.

How to not suck at moderating a panel

Moderating a panel should be easy. Instead of trying to make it perfect, just focus on not fucking it up and it will probably turn out great. Here’s how to not fuck it up.

This is not a zero-sum game (or why first-mover advantage sucks)

Why I hope my competitors are successful, even if they are stealing market share from me.

“Leave no trace” at events, too

Why is “leave no trace” associated only with the outdoors? The next time you throw a party or host an event, be conscious of the waste you will generate and plan accordingly.

8 Tips for Tech Event Organizers

I’ve organized many events in the startup/tech space, some awesome, some not so awesome. Here are 8 things I’ve learned:

Protect Your Community from A**holes

Building a community requires hard work and dedication. That’s why you gotta protect it from all the a**holes.

Why You Should Organize a Startup/Tech Event in Your City

Do you wish your city had more (or better) tech events? Organize one. Here are some of the benefits for YOU.

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