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How to get designers to come to your hackathon

Designers have been turned off from hackathons and Startup Weekends. They feel used. The best hackathons have a healthy 30% showing of designers. As good design (both functional and visual) becomes increasingly important, the developers and marketing folks that go to hackathons and Startup Weekends don’t stand a chance without some design skills on their team. Long term, your event will fail too without designers.

Here’s how to get more designers to come to your hackathon.

8 Tips for Tech Event Organizers

I’ve organized many events in the startup/tech space, some awesome, some not so awesome. Here are 8 things I’ve learned:

Why You Should Organize a Startup/Tech Event in Your City

Do you wish your city had more (or better) tech events? Organize one. Here are some of the benefits for YOU.

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