The #1 Most Important Rule in Customer Service


Some years ago, an industry leader hired a research firm to find the answer to one simple question:

“What do customers value the most?”

It wasn’t “expertise” or “getting a good price.” It wasn’t even “a quality product” or “dependability.”

It was “how fast they return my phone calls.

The firm was¬†baffled. They asked a follow-up question: “What matters more – the fact that they return your call quickly or whether or not they are able to answer your question?”

Again they were surprised.

It didn’t matter so much that they got their question answered, what mattered more – significantly more – was that they called back quickly. Customer didn’t expect their question to be answered immediately. They only wanted what the same thing that all of us humans want every day.

They wanted to feel important to the other person.

Customers (and bosses, and employees , and wives, and friends) long for a quick response because it makes them feel important to you. People are put off every day by others. They are put on hold when they call customer service lines. They are told to wait in line at the DMV.

Any action that demonstrates “you are important to me” is like a ray of sunshine on their cloudy day.

Takeaway: To stand out, reply quickly.

Don’t even worry about solving their problem yet, just call/email them back immediately to let them know you care.

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  • #1 rule of customer service: Reply Quickly.  Buffer
  • The #1 thing your customers want from you: to feel like they are important to you.  Buffer


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