Things I would pay for if they existed



Something that makes buying plane tickets less stressful. Hipmunk made things about 50% easier. I’m ready for the next generation Hipmunk.

Something that tells me how and when to use my frequent-flier miles.

Grocery delivery service in Omaha. I miss Amazon Fresh when I lived in Seattle. I am willing to pay a premium for local and fresh ingredients.

Something like Seamless that works everywhere. DliveryPal is making a go of it in Omaha but isn’t widely available, yet.

A discover-restaurants-around-me app that doesn’t suck.

On-demand lawn service. Solved:

On-demand propane tank delivery and pick-up service.

Something that helps me get TSA Pre-Check status. Why can’t I figure this out? I want to pay someone to make it happen for me.

A service that lets me order things to be waiting for me in the Airbnb I just rented. Like an extra phone charger, pair of socks, some foreign currency, and some dinner recommendations.

An app that lets me create a list of people from my phone address book then randomly calls someone in the list every week. When they answer, my phone rings and when I answer – boom – I’m talking to a friend that I wish I stayed in contact with more often.

An app that knows all the food in my house and give me recipes that are actually good.

Or, Uber or Lyft but available everywhere so that I don’t have to have a car anymore.

A way to buy things without all the plastic packaging.

A savings account that pays something better than 0.75%.

An app that lets me deposit checks greater than $2,000 using my smart phone camera. I’ll pay a fee. Right now I have to mail them in.

Somewhere not at the airport that lets me exchange any foreign currency for any foreign currency.

A teleportation device. The device must be wearable so that I can use it at any time from any place, and I need to be able to go to any place – not just a receiving teleportation hub. For this I would be willing to pay 90% of all of my future income.

If I can’t have a teleportation device then I would like to buy a self driving car today, not 10 years from now.

Someone that will take my terrible dictated notes and turn it into amazing blog posts.

Something that helps me find quality people to hire.

An app that helps me do a much better job of following up.

An anonymous polling tool that helps me find out what people I know really think about me.

Pop-up Halloween parties as a service.

A personalized haunted house experience. Something like The Game starring Michael Douglas

A way to completely eliminate junk mail. I tried all the stuff you’re going to recommend and none of it works.

When it’s time to do my taxes, I have to collect all these papers from many sources and send them to my tax guy. I want a service that will handle the paper-gathering for me.

A better way to handle the change-of-address checklist that I have to deal with every time I move. Solved:

Google Glass, but as a contact lens.

An impromptu self-defense class in which people randomly attack me while I’m walking around town so that I can learn how to defend myself in real-world scenarios.

A service in which a vampire comes to your house and bites you and converts you to a vampire so that you can then be a vampire.

Something that automates all the things I have to do before I travel. Coordinate babysitting, schedule the dog walker, block my calendar for those dates, figure out of I need a travel visa and get it, set my alarm, etc.

I want some way to eliminate all the cords in my travel bag. Hotels, events, cafes, airports – all of them should have power cords for all my devices I can rent for a small fee.

Better yet: wireless power.

A simple app that knows who is nearby when I am traveling and sends them a “Yo let’s get a beer.”

A service that looks at my bucket list and plans everything on a schedule so that I do it all before I die.

Once/month, a personal chef comes to my house, brings ingredients and teaches me how to cook something awesome I’ve never cooked before.

Grant writing as a service.


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